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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Diving Sharm El Sheikh

Just a note to say thanks for organising the dives - thoroughly enjoyed it and your lovely team.
A big thanks to the Count, Francesca and of course you guys.
I have recommended you to a guy in our hotel. I'm already looking forward to come back diving in Sharm EL Sheikh with you guys.
Tim Short x

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Introduction and Discover SCUBA Course. Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea

Thanks Alun,
We are already weighing up the finances and timescales for returning next year, I have put my vote in for your dive centre as it was a wonderful experience that really made me wonder why we didn't dive before!
We will be hopefully starting the E-Learning in the spring 2010 and be returning end of next year, well thats the plan anyway!

Thank you for making me and Laura so welcome for our week out there and will hoefully see you soon.

Kindest regards

Alison Bartlett

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Diving enthusiasts in Sharm El Sheikh Red Sea

Hi Moyra & Alun,
Both myself & Paul had a safe journey home, landed in Bristol, with the weather being 4 degrees, brrrrrrr.
Just wanted to thank you for arranging all of our fantastic diving whilst in Sharm, the whole team are brilliant. A special thanks to Alin for finding all the nudibranches on 33 of our dives & getting us through our deep diving course (even though the Napoleon Wrasse got in the way) & Steve & Alun for the other dives which were also amazing. Can't wait to come back & see you all soon. I have attached a few pics that you are welcome to use in the newsletter of Sharon & Jon, on the Dunraven & Steve Jones & us passing our 100th dives.
Many thanks.
Speak to you soon.
Rachel & Paul
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Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

We Can’t thank you enough.
You and your team certainly gave us back our confidence and love for diving.After our previous trip where we had some bad experience with the cavalier gun hoe attitude not of one dive guide but it seamed the style of all the dive guides. Their hart didn’t seem to be in their job. They were just there to pick up a pay check. If two of your divers Simon and Sarah hadn’t recommended you’re company I think we may have given up diving. They really put you up on a pedestal but I can now see why.
I like to be adventurous but your guys gave us thrills and exhilarating diving but in such a controlled and pre-planned manner. Which ever guide we had they all had the same high standard of safety and professionalism but with different personalities of course.

Thank the Count for his eagle eyes. He showed us things we’ve never seen before. How he spots the little things form so far away beats me. Steve was ever so patient and I learnt so much from him when he taught a digital photography course on the boat. I’d done one before so I was just listening in as his course was far more in depth and informative than the one I did. As for Mr. Alun, his dive briefings are the most entertaining and informative I’ve ever heard. Even the boat crew was much better than we’ve experienced previously. Ali the captain on Delphinus had the best English I’ve ever heard for an Egyptian and his crew was so helpful and polite.

You certainly pick your staff well. We are already planning when we can come back and dive with you.
I can’t thank you and your team enough for what you all did for us. I wish we could be as happy in our work as your staff. I envy you all so much.
Till next time.
Best regards.
Peter and Mary


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