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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The best I've ever dived with

I just returned from a trip to New York (hang on the relevance will be clear shortly.. .the review is about Diving with Elite in Sharm el Sheikh I promise!)...and what a fab trip it was, the reason I was lucky enough to go to N.Y. as well as Cordoba and Bali (to name a few over the last couple of years) is because of Elite Diving!! 

I have met some of my now very close friends on the Elite boat. I started diving with Elite over 7 years ago as a solo traveller/diver, I have made so many friends through diving with Elite and now rarely go there alone (but I would highly recommend you do if you are a solo diver). You'll be matched with suitable buddy and I'm sure before long you'll have a new friend! 

I used to work in Sharm at another very good dive center where I met the owners Alun and Moyra when they visited Sharm on a diving holiday themselves. After I left Sharm I went travelling, when I eventually settled down and came back to Sharm on holiday, I preferred diving with Alun and Moyra's elite diving due to the relax family atmosphere they produce.

The staff in the small family run centre (all English speaking, with the occasional spatter of Welsh) make you feel part of the family, the briefings are fun, the diving is awesome, the boat crew are so helpful, friendly and cook up tasty food in the valley. The prices are extremely competitive. You'll get loads of free abuse but compliments are extra ...elite joke!

I have now dived as a super hero, a clown, a pirate and in psychedelic 60's outfits with the Elite divers, this is always a giggle and makes for memorable post dive party eves too. On a more serious note, Elite take safety very seriously, you'll be fully briefed and you will get to see some beautiful dive sites. They explain all the costs upfront so there are no surprises when you get your bill at the end of your trip...and your kit will be all clean, dry & ready to pack too 

I've been twice in 2017 and am about to book again, it's easy to get there via Cairo with Egypt Air, swift transfer and then only 45 mins to Sharm. Easy and you get comfy seats, free movies, free food and you get a huge baggage allowance!

Don't wait for the UK to resume flights direct, aside from Cairo there are other route options and all take around 6-7 hours...its easy 

Cindy - Southampton. UK.
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